.fqdn not found in input file in Automation suite

For Installing Ai Bundle (UiPath - Flex - AI Unit Bundle - 60K) We gave below mentioned query and we got below error(automation suite) .

./install-UiPath.sh -i ./cluster_config.json -o ./output.json -a --offline-bundle /UiPath/tmp/sf-2022.4.0.tar.gz --offline-tmp-folder /UiPath/tmp --install-offline-prereqs --accept-license-agreement


 .fqdn not found in input file

Hi @BNK,

To resolve this error, you can do the following:

  1. Check the input file: Ensure that the input file has all the required parameters and values, including the FQDN. You may need to edit the input file to include the missing FQDN.
  2. Verify the FQDN: Check that the FQDN entered in the input file is correct and valid. You can cross-check the FQDN with the actual computer or server name, or with the DNS records to ensure that they match.
  3. Review the code: Check the automation code to ensure that it is correctly referencing the FQDN parameter from the input file. The code should be using the correct variable name and referencing it correctly in the code.
  4. Debugging: If the issue persists, you may need to use debugging techniques, such as stepping through the code and using breakpoints to locate the issue.


I don’t know which input file i am getting this error. Can you help me to understand this error.

Note: I am installing Ai bundle in Linux machine.

you should check the input file being used by the Automation suite and ensure that it contains a valid FQDN. The FQDN should be in the format of hostname.domain.tld, where hostname is the name of the host, domain is the name of the domain, and tld is the top-level domain (e.g., .com, .org, .net).

The input file would be the cluster_config.json file.