Foundation Training Revamp Lesson 3 Assign Error


I am busy doing the Lesson 3 Practical 1 Nickname Generator, for some reason I keep getting an error

Assign-cannot find column [´Yes´]

Im not sure why its not picking the column up as I did exactly what the walkthrough has explained, I also tried to do the first steps first and did a run to check but it still wasnt able to find the column [´Yes¨]

has anyone completed this practical and had it run fine please help me.

Thank you

I have even tried downloading the answer however its an answer for a completely different practical

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Please Help, Im completely stuck :frowning:

Hello Tadrabs,
Hope you are doing great!

The solution of this is to change
names.Select("[Club Member]= ‘Yes’ “)
names.Select(”[Club Member]= ‘Yes’" )

There are difference between the single quotes of ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’

Hope it was helpful!


Hi Mario,

Thank you so much for getting back to me,

I tried what you suggested however i am still getting the same error

I copied your exact change you suggested… Not sure where I am going wrong might have to start from scratch again.

Thank you

Auto-formatting of quotes into different characters can be avoided by using the “preformatted text” feature (i.e. indenting the text by four or more spaces)

names.Select("[Club Member]='Yes'")

Tip: always make sure that a string (the thing between the quotes) is completely highlighted in red/brown


Thank you so so much Alpaca :):grin: