Foundation Training Lesson 2 Practice 2 (sequence)


According to the program, once I enter in the loop, the sequence starts: It asks me for guesssing the number and if my guess is higher than the number it says ‘Try again lower’ and if not (if my guess is NOT HIGHER than the number) says ‘try again bigger’.

My question is: Why, if my guess is equal to the number at the first try, it doesn’t show the message ‘try again later’? I mean: How it can jump the ‘if else’ activity going directly to the final message that is outside the loop (not shown in the image) if there is none condition about the resemblance between ‘guessing’ and ‘number’ until the end of the loop (it is, after the ‘if’ activity).

Thanks in advance for your attention!



The subtlety is this: once you pick the right number, the If activity changes the hint for the next Input dialog to “Try again bigger.”, but this dialog is never shown as the loop condition condition guess <> number evaluates to False and execution continues outside.

Try running the workflow in Debug mode and it will become clear which path the execution takes.

You are right sfranzen, I was mixing up the assign activity and the message one. Thanks a lot for your answer.