Foundation Lesson4 Practice1

Hi @syedabidraza

Came across the following error on Foundation Lesson4 Practice1:

Click ‘list item Italic’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Not sure of what could be possibly wrong.
Only difference from the practice question is that I chose Italics instead of Bold.

Pls help!

Can you share your selector?

Sure…can you please guide me how to get the selector

In the Click Option Properties,
You’ll find Target.
In the Target you’ll find selector.
Send the text present in the selector

Thanks…got it


copy pasted the selector but for some reason on the preview I can only see the “” and the selector is hidden.



Take screenshot and send then we will check.

Its a selector issue . Try to make your selector dynamic by using wildcards ( * ) .
Your Bot will be stopping at the activity stating “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector” , change selector accordingly

Hi @lakshman,

Please have a look at the screenshot below:

Hi @mrityusingh
You can use recording in this situations because it generates containers and uses the Simulate Type/Click input method by default.
Basically it automatically record multiple actions performed on the screen.

But if you’re doing the same by taking multiple click activities, so to click on ‘Italic’ selector should be like this
only replace that bold with Italic
and make sure you’ve already clicked on Format