Foundation Assignment 6 Practical: Unable to edit the selector editor (grey out)

Hi All,

Anyone knows how to amend the selector (in grey)? This is the latest version. As given by the answer, I am supposed to amend the grey out portion as well and replace it with an asterisk.



You will need to do it in Edit Selector section the bottom one and if you want to create a custom then use indicate element

From above section you can check uncheck the attributes what you want in your final selector below


To get clarified, you are seeking about edit selector section right??

If yes, the edit selector section shows two selector
1.gray - it’s copied from attach window selector , you can edit this by going to attach window’s selectors
2. Editable - partial selector for elements, no need to include full selectors here as it’s inside scope of attach window


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Hi Prankur

Hi Meg, thanks! U r right I have to edit from attach window. Manage to solve it:)


any solution for this issue. some times working some times selector editor is grayed out… if we open Ui explorer there is no save button .

You will be able to edit Window Selector directly under Target