Forum.uipath vs academy.uipath - Profile


my profile is not in sync between Uipath Forum and Academy. how do i get this synchronized ?

any help is appreciated.


Hi @rajeshprabhu_gp

What do you mean by this? Is your email not the same on both platforms? Where do you want to make the change? On the Forum or Academy?

Let me know and I will make sure to do the changes.


@ovi Thanks for replying,

under Academy > my Activities > Badges > i am believing the badges from Forum comes here ?
in forum - i dont see badge for certification from academy
the profile picture changed in forum not reflected in academy.

above scenario kept me thinking may be my account in forum and academy are not connected.

It may not be important but i wanted to make sure that my account set up is correct in forum and academy.

Thanks again~Rajesh