Forum - Filter by status (Resolved/Unresolved)

It would be good to be able to filter topics by status (Resolved/Unresolved). It would help focus on topics of interest based on status rather than having to scroll through the entire list looking for the tick mark against the topics.

Hi @goodoldme,
There is such functionality. You just need to use “in:solved” in search bar. Like in this example:


Thanks @Pablito. I am looking for an option to display only topics that are unresolved. Do we have a filter for that?

UiPath Community Forum - displays the latest solved topics - displays the solved topics in RPA Developers

You can find the unsolved ones by replacing “yes” with “no” in the above URL.


Thanks @ovi That works! :slight_smile:

It might arrive at one point, but it is in hand of the Discourse team :slight_smile:
See here:

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Thanks, @loginerror. :slight_smile: