Forum FAQ - How to start using UiPath (how to download Studio and configure your robot)

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ping me on my mail: sg2070156@GMAIL.COM

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Why version 2022.4.3 menu Community license is gone
how can I get a community license

Hi @pawaritp

The Community license is not gone. Could you please provide more context about your issue?

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ご教授宜しくお願いいたします。emphasized text

Hi, i have the same error, i can not resolved yet. Please, i need help!
“the key machine is already linked to another machine”

I have a problem right at the beginning, clicking on sign-up I get this error:
the read operation failed, see innere exception.

I thought it might be a firewall error, but ui-path studio seems to have access to the ports, also the account is still valid

Same problem here. Did you find a solution?

Hi @lorenzo.olivier @Renato_Luiz_de_Souza

Did you manage to resolve this issue by following the documentation link?

Hi, the solution I found was to upgrade my OS to windows 11. I have no idea what caused this problem.

UiPath Studio is a cloud-based application that provides users with a complete solution for automating business processes. You can use Studio to create workflows, build applications, and manage data.

  1. Downloading Studio
    To begin using UiPath Studio, you need to first download Studio. 2. Configuring your robot
    After downloading Studio, you have to configure your robot. To do so, click on “Configure Robot” at the top right corner of Studio. Then, follow these steps:
    a) Select the type of robot you want to use.
    b) Enter the name of your robot.
    c) Click on “Add”.
    d) Choose the location where you want to save your robot configuration file.
    e) Click on “Save”.
    f) Click on “OK”.
    g) Wait until Studio finishes configuring your robot.
    h) If you want to change any settings, click on “Edit Settings”.
    i) Make sure that the robot is connected to the internet.

Hello. I have installed the uipath and can log in. However, it pops up me an error saying “Unable to load DLL ‘Shcore.dll’ or one of its dependencies” when I open it. Could anyone help me with this? Thanks a lot.