Forum FAQ - How to start using UiPath (how to download Studio and configure your robot)

Hi @Jobin_Joy

Is it possible that you have used the Google Social Sign In option while on the UiPath Sign In screen?

I would definitely give it a try here.

Hi @loginerror ,

I used the option “Continue with Email” while creating the account as the screenshot.

I tried what happen if i again sign up with the same email id, and its saying same Basic Authentication error as in the screenshot.

Thank you

Please try to Sign In using Continue with Google option. It should match your account based on the email and let you in :slight_smile:

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It’s worked. Awesome. Great help @loginerror

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Worked fine, thank you

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as soon as i have done sign in to get started but i can’t next step with this error message.
my browser

Hi @kickkit

The Internet Explorer browser is no longer support by This is why you are getting this error.

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ping me on my mail: sg2070156@GMAIL.COM

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Hi @pawaritp

The Community license is not gone. Could you please provide more context about your issue?

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