Forum FAQ - How to mark a post as a solution

Forum FAQ - How to mark a post as a solution

This document is part of our beginners guide.

This article will teach you how to properly mark a post as a solution.

We were closely following our last UiPath Forum feedback round! 💬 topic and carefully extracted all the bits of feedback that was provided. As such, we would like to tackle the topic of solutions on our Forum and how to properly use them.

When is the topic resolved?

The topic can be considered resolved when the topic author has found the answer to their original issue among the topic replies.

How to close the topic with the solution mark?

Please have a look at this short video that explains how to mark the specific post as a solution to the topic:



We are currently looking into ways to create reminders for users to mark the topics as solved.

Something Else flag

Something Else flag can be used to suggest an answer to the topic to Forum Staff. We will then evaluate it and mark the topic as solved.

Community Moderators

@Community_Moderators are allowed to select a post as a solution (it is based on the Trust Level 4 aka Leader), so it might be worth tagging them to have a look and help out when needed.

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