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There is already section ask on your language, and I think that is great, I entered there to see can I help someone on Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian… but there is a mess, I would need to go trough whole forum to find are there any questions on languages I know.

Can there be some tags or subfolders where it would be divided per language, so we can help faster?


Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic

Great suggestion. I added a new tag group with a bunch of language tags:

More suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:


Hey, those are great news… but you still dont have Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian… it can be under one tag.

Thank you,

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Which one should be the preferred one to add :slight_smile: ?Croatian?

We can have a bunch of synonyms too that will automatically redirect to that specific tag :slight_smile:

Serbo-Croatian ?

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Could you please add Vietnamese too?

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Hi @Doanh

It’s added :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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