Forrester Study - Impact of COVID On Future of Work | UiPath

Kelly Glista-Anderson is a Content and Communications Manager at UiPath.


There are a variety of terms out there for what the world is experiencing right now: turning point, hinge moment, or critical juncture. Whatever you call it, it means change is happening. And not just short-term, Band-Aid change, but transformational, big-picture change.


Over the last several months both businesses and individuals have come to the realization that what comes after the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be a “return to normal” but a chance to create an entirely new version of normal.


As an addendum to the January 2020 thought leadership paper, The Future Of Work Is Still Being Written, UiPath commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on the future of work and automation. The resulting study describes how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation plans and “forced the world of work to balance the dichotomy of employees seeking assurance and stability with organizations themselves pursuing resilience and agility.”

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