Formula test with datatable

Hello Friends,

I had developped the code attached,
when i write the datatble into a txt file the result is OK,but when i use for each the result is incorrect.
sample.xlsx (350.9 KB)

i should get for the row 9 “OUI” whereas in the for each i get “NON” for the first row, the result is OK when i wrote the dt in a txt file.

test (1) (1).xaml (56.7 KB)

Hi @abdel

I saw your flow actually the error is in the read range activity give range as “A14:R20”

What are you trying to develop can you elaborate it clearly


I have reviewed code just now. i could see that you have used row(8).tostring to get the column value it will not work in that way. if we are not sure about the column headers in that case we have to get the column values like using the following expressions. row(Bordereaux_DT.Columns(8)).Equals(“Créance ne justifiant pas d’une procédure”). I have updated your work flow. Run and see it resolve your issue. if not please elaborate your issue so that we would happy to help you. thanks.
Boredereau IRREC Updated.xaml (56.3 KB)

I had resolved the problem yesterday, works fine, i should only have more concentration :slight_smile:

ok super good to hear that you resolve the issue. yeah some times we would miss the things we already knew. thanks

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