Formula in StudioX default Project_Notebook.xlsx - Text - Contains does not work

The formula in the default StudioX Project_Notebook.xlsx file on the Text sheet for Contains? does not work as intended.

StudioX Version: 2020.4.1 - Enterprise License
Excel Version: 2010 (Build 13328.20356 Click-to-Run)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open StudioX
  2. Create a new Task
  3. Open the Project_Notebook.xlsx file
  4. Go to the Text sheet
  5. Enter some text in the Text (input) cell (B4)
  6. Enter some text that is contained in the input text into the Search cell (B10)
  7. Notice that the value for Contains? remains FALSE

This is the default formula that does not work:


This formula works and it references the cells by name instead of by cell address, which will keep it working if/when things change:


Hi @tjust

It looks like this was fixed in the meantime. I could no longer reproduce it on the latest StudioX version.

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