Formula autofill in excel


I have the following situation:
I have an Excel file with 2 columns:

From another file I read data for B and C column.
On Column B I have dates like 2/25/2021.
On Column A I have a formula =Text(B1, “MMMM”) // should return the name of the month - February.

My workflow is like this:

dtSource = readRange from source file;
writeRange on col B,C in destination file; // writes all data on col B and C
assign colAFormula =“=Text(B1, ““Mmmm””)”;
buildDataTable (Culmn A as string) as tempTable
addDataRow activity colAFormula to tempTable;
writeRange A1 tempTable;
autofill A1:A1 as Source => A1:A100 as destination;

when I run the project from uipath studio it works fine; on Column A I have January;
when I run the project from the orchestrator on Column A I have number 100 instead of January.

Does anyone have any suggestion?

Hi @Emilian_Marginean ,

What kind of file path are you using within your project?

If I’m not wrong, for all the projects published on Orchestrator, it is better to have absolute file paths, instead of using relative file paths. Refer to

Best regards,

my path is like this:

I have an assign strFilePath = “\\server\folder\sample.slsx”;

better to share workflow

autofill-sources.7z (10.3 KB)

here is my workflow

Hi @Emilian_Marginean ,

Your reference: \\\UIPath\uiPathFiles\autofill-sources\source.xlsx looks to me more like a SharePoint address and, for this you should have something like: ...\DavWWWRoot\... within the syntax

Please refer to:

Best regards,

It is a SharePoint.
But I am able to access the file.
The formula is written in excel file, but when I open the excel file it instead January I see 100 on column A.
In this case do you think DavWWWRoot is the issue?


with path set as \\DavWWWRoot\UIPath\uiPathFiles\autofill-sources\source.xlsx
I get the error “Read Range: The workbook does not exist”