Forms Dictionary Keys do not populate (at Design Time) in Show Form Activity under certain conditions


I see that under certain conditions the dictionary collection of a Form does not populate in the Show Form activity during Design time.

Form Components:

The form has a Content Componet UI element. The content part is parameterized with variables that need to appear in the display like so:

Below the content area are 3 Hidden Fields. The key names of these fields are the names of the data points to be merged in the content above. These key names are hAppNum, hAppDate, and hName respectively. Configuration of one of the fields is shown below:

Physical Form Location:

The form above is a child of a main form and located in the subfolder of the main parent form. Example:

UiPath Project Folder
----- Main Form Folder
---------- Main Form
------------- Sub Form Folder
----------------- Options Form (as seen above)

However, when the form is referenced in a Show Form activity during design, the dictionary collection shows up empty! :neutral_face:

Good news:
If I populate the keys manually, it works at run time. I can see the data that I pass to the hidden fields are merged in the Content area of the form :slight_smile:

Not so good news:
I have to populate these manually. That also means that the form keys do not refresh if the form changes. :point_down: :frowning:

Project Package Stack/ Studio 2023.4.1 CE:

I hope I’m not missing something important when it comes to setting up the project or the form controls.



Hello again,

How do we differentiate between a Form close event when

  1. When the Submit button is clicked and the form closes
  2. When the X button on the form window frame is clicked to close the button

In the on from closed Trigger file, I inspected the TriggerEventArgs and I could not find any information that differentiated between the above 2 scenarios.

Am I missing something?