Forms AI - Predicting Tables

Hi everyone.

So, I am using Forms AI now that is available for the public, but unfortunately this means that I haven’t found documentation or videos that help me with my problem.

I am trying to extract individual & table fields. I’ve already captured more than 15 files, and when I let the Forms AI engine to predict the fields in the next file, it works for the individuals, but for the table is capturing all of my rows in 1 single row:


Is there a way to fix this or is this the normal behaviour for table variables?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @GFlores

The AI Forms are still in preview , and the AI engine might not be 100% accurate to predict all the files correctly.


Yes, I know. But, is there a way to set up or help the tables to be more accurate? Like, instead of reading everything in 1 row spliting them as they should?

Yes you can do that , by specifying the Column Names and Data Label each Columns one by one.


I did that, and manually selected one by one each field, but when I go to the next file and click “Predict”, it is messing everything up.

This is when I train it:

And this is when I click “Predict”.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Hi @GFlores

yes , on clicking on predict all the Column Data appears as one liner.

I have never tried but just thought ,Can you try publishing without clicking on “Predict” and see if that works.


It was a configuration issue. If you click on the “Edit Column” button, there’s a checkbox that says: “Split items”. I just missed it, but thanks for the suggestions.

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