Forms AI is GA in Automation Cloud - Citizen Developers Rejoice!

Hello to all friends of Document Understanding!

Forms AI is finally GA! Please find the Release Notes and the Official Documentation.

It includes some improvements to the engine, which should allow it to perform better on documents with some variability in the positions of the values, or on documents where some of the values of interest are missing.

However, for best performance you should try to make sure that each document you upload for training Forms AI contains all or almost all of the values you need to extract. In many real business situations a specific example of a form will have some values filled in, while another example of the same form will have other values filled in. For best results you should train Forms AI on documents which have all of the values filled in. In some cases this means that you might need to generate some fake documents, where you fill in all of the values on the form.

Also, keep in mind Forms AI works best on simple fixed form documents. For documents with higher variability in their structure and layout, like Invoices or Purchase Orders, or even forms with many different versions and layouts, be prepared to export your dataset and import it into a Document Manager session for training an ML model in AI Center.

Happy automating!

Your friendly Document Understanding team.


Is it possible to export labelled documents from Forms AI and import into a data set as already labelled?

Do we have documentation about the known limitations? or cheat sheet against Form Extractor (as IFE going to deprecate) and DU Generic Model. This would help to choose on what use cases and scenarios the DU types can be used.

In addition as a quick question(eager to know) …will forms AI recognize hand written text, check signature fields ?


Hello @balaraman.ramiya unfortunately there is no simple way to know ahead of time. We know Forms AI is for simple forms, but it is not always obvious what “simple” means, so you just have to try and see. On the other hand, trying Forms AI is easy and fast, so you can get an answer by yourself in just a few minutes.


:slight_smile: Thank you Alex. Experiment is the only way to know the answer.