Forms Activity New Package release - v2.0.0-preview

We have launched a new version of the Form activity package (2.0.0-preview). With this release, we have significantly improved the performance and memory utilization of Forms. The form performance has improved by 10% when compared to previous versions while memory utilization has improved by 30%. We were able to achieve this improvement by making some key changes to how forms render as well as changing from CefSharp to the Webview2 framework.

We have also split the Callout activities from the form Activity package. Callout activities will be now available in UiPath.Callout.Activities package. If you are using call-out activities in your workflow and when you upgrade to version 2.0.0-preview or higher, you will see the error “This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly” (see screenshot below) with call-out activities in the workflow. To resolve this error, navigate to “Manage package” → “Official”, search and install “UiPath.Callout.Activities” version 2.0.0-preview or higher.

You can read more about this in detail from the Release Notes.


Thanks for the update.

It’s really great to know that grid is being enhanced with support for Searching, Sorting and Pagination.

This was one of the blockers for 1 use case; To display data in the grid …from data tables and the user needed to select the multiple items so that they could be processed in the next step. (mostly read-only)

I will update you more on this once we apply these changes.


Really love the new Grid feature - a definite improvement and really simple to use!
I am looking forward to seeing the difference that the performance improvements makes as well with our existing solutions.


thanks, solved my problem.