Formatting Text in Email (Web Mail) in Message Body

Hi Experts,

How can i format the text of the email message body, i am using office365 online through chrome, and certain text i need to format like color, font, side, italic, bold, underline etc…

Please suggest how can i achieve this.


Hi @Ashik_Khan,
You want to perform this with use of UiPath?

Create the body of your mail as an html document and use bold/italic/etc. tags to format text differently based on your needs.


I am sending email through web, and i have used type into activity to put some hardcoded text plus variables which is extract from the attachment. And i want those text in web mail to be formatted in font/colour/size etc.

Are you unable to use click activities on the formatting options?

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I did not use click option for formatting, its a good idea to use click activity but will be lengthy…

Have you tried using HTML?

Not too sure if this thread may help Formatted body in outlook mail

Hi @Ashik_Khan ,

Might be too late now. But it might be useful for other users.
You can use the hot keys to perform this. In your text include [d(ctrl)]b[u(ctrl)] - for Bold and [d(ctrl)]i[u(ctrl)] for italics and so on and then use the Type into activity to insert the text.

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