Formatting Screen Scraping

CE 2019.5.0 - No programming/developer background outside of UiPath.

Task: Automate data entry to an application from a notification email. The email can contain a variable number of orders that need to be grabbed.

First problem: Trying to build a quick proof of concept for an email with only 1 item (no idea how to handle more than 1 item - problem 2). I was following the below thread until I hit the Data Scraping piece. The data scrapping wizard returns an error: Automation server can’t create object.

Get Text returns what I’m look for, but the selectors make it seem like it’s not repeatable, especially if the email has multiple orders - ie url name of file & an aaname that’s the dynamic value I’m looking to grab.

Screen Scraping will get all the text I need, but I can’t figure out how to fix the format. Every video I’ve watched magically has data that scrapes as desired. None of the [space][tab][new line] combinations give me the correct header & data pairings, so I expect I somehow need to split/parse the info.

Example of Get Full Text copied to clipboard:

ISCI/AdIdTitleLengthFlight DatesDestination(s)Format
HTR4597TEG60000Y Xyz - May Product 1 Bad Axe:305/24/2019 - 5/30/2019WIKW Video Format: HD
Audio Format: Stereo
Closed Caption: No
Encoding: None

Desired Output - Table
Length of the elements are not static and will vary form order to order.

Problem 2 - Need to be able to handle emails with multiple entries & variable lengths of each element. The selector for the table seems to be consistent so might just be in my head.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Saving as .html instead of .mht allows the Data Scraping wizard to work. Row 1 is shifted right 1 cell which was fixed using the Delete Range activity.

The only issue is the length gets dropped.

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