Formatting errors

I’m in StudioX, In Excel with 8 columns and about 15 rows with headers.
I’m want to color / format the cell only (not entire row) in green if the Sales number was greater than 1000. How to be done in StudioX ? In the For Each Row loop, I add ‘if’ but nott working.

Helo @Prinal_C - Here you go…

Format Rule

My Output


Hope this helps…

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@prasath17 … it is painting full row for me. I want cell color not full row

@Prinal_C - Please share the screenshot of your workflow?

@Prinal_C - you are right…I have added 2nd column, now its filling the color on the 2nd column too…

Let me see, if i can tweak…

Update: Here you go: if we choose the write range and make that as the current row, then it is coloring only the selected columns…



@Prinal_C - did you get a chance to try?

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