Format text to Json format and write in in file


I have this string:
“"crt": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "00080",\r\n "content": "00080",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 1,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 0.1838,\r\n 10.4454,\r\n 0.5588,\r\n 10.4454,\r\n 0.5588,\r\n 10.5456,\r\n 0.1838,\r\n 10.5456\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 1563,\r\n "length": 5\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},\n"customerItem": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "03393858",\r\n "content": "03393858",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 1,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 0.6838,\r\n 10.4454,\r\n 1.2899,\r\n 10.4454,\r\n 1.2899,\r\n 10.5456,\r\n 0.6838,\r\n 10.5456\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 1569,\r\n "length": 8\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},\n"descriptionItem": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "GADC CX 035.2/2WL/HEA7A.TNNN",\r\n "content": "GADC CX 035.2/2WL/HEA7A.TNNN",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 1,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 1.8397,\r\n 10.4407,\r\n 4.0821,\r\n 10.4407,\r\n 4.0821,\r\n 10.5456,\r\n 1.8397,\r\n 10.5456\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 1583,\r\n "length": 28\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},\n"internalReference": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "GADC CX 035.2/2WL/HEA7A.TNNN",\r\n "content": "GADC CX 035.2/2WL/HEA7A.TNNN",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 2,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 1.3343,\r\n 3.7865,\r\n 3.5772,\r\n 3.7865,\r\n 3.5772,\r\n 3.8914,\r\n 1.3343,\r\n 3.8914\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 2376,\r\n "length": 28\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},\n"quantity": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "1",\r\n "content": "1",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 2,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 4.9797,\r\n 3.9579,\r\n 5.0156,\r\n 3.9579,\r\n 5.0156,\r\n 4.0556,\r\n 4.9797,\r\n 4.0556\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 2414,\r\n "length": 1\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},\n"um": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "PC",\r\n "content": "PC",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 2,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 5.0933,\r\n 3.9532,\r\n 5.2683,\r\n 3.9532,\r\n 5.2683,\r\n 4.0581,\r\n 5.0933,\r\n 4.0581\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 2416,\r\n "length": 2\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},\n"unitPrice": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "2.172,46",\r\n "content": "2.172,46",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 2,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 5.5524,\r\n 3.9579,\r\n 6.0839,\r\n 3.9579,\r\n 6.0839,\r\n 4.0758,\r\n 5.5524,\r\n 4.0758\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 2419,\r\n "length": 8\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},\n"netValue": {\r\n "type": "string",\r\n "valueString": "2.172,46",\r\n "content": "2.172,46",\r\n "boundingRegions": [\r\n {\r\n "pageNumber": 2,\r\n "polygon": [\r\n 6.9604,\r\n 3.9579,\r\n 7.4919,\r\n 3.9579,\r\n 7.4919,\r\n 4.0758,\r\n 6.9604,\r\n 4.0758\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n "spans": [\r\n {\r\n "offset": 2428,\r\n "length": 8\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n},”

and i need it to write it in a text file as a component from a bigger json, but the result is this:

The Studio console print it ok but the writing is the problem.
Do you have any advices?
Thank you!

You can try referring the below forum query : How can we convert a text to JSON in uipath , where they have used deserialize json data to convert it to json