Format string alignment in variable from right to left for Arabic text

Hello All,

I have a requirement where there is an email template in word document with Arabic text and need to send an email. But the variable that holds the value of the template by default converts it to left to right internally.
So when I feed this variable to ‘Body’ of the email activity, the email I receive has the text aligned from left to right and not as per Arabic format that is right to left. Please let me know how to go by this one.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Shyam_Mohandas

below link should help you out…

Hello @AkshaySandhu - Thank you, let me try out HTML here and I will let you know.

Hello @AkshaySandhu,

I tried to do as per the instructions in the link you gave but the thing is it is working fine when you open it as an HTML in a browser. When this HTML is fed to the body of the send outlook message activity with the “isBodyHTML” checked. The mail that I am receiving is still having the Arabic content from left to right. :frowning:


i have a bit similar problem
in my robot am sending outlook email and the email body is a variable

( " my text"+companyname+Environment.NewLine+Environment.NewLine+“my text”+agreementnumber+" my text"+agreementname+Environment.NewLine+“my text”+Environment.NewLine+Environment.NewLine+“my text”+Environment.NewLine+“my text” )

but when it is being sent all the text are from the left to right
do you know how to do it the opposite (right to left

It is issue with outlook that can’t display the right to left html email bodies properly
I am checking again what can be done

hello @Shyam_Mohandas and @alya.hassan
you can try html body like below

"<p class=MsoNormal align=left style='text-align:left'>hello world!</p>" & _
"<p class=MsoNormal align=right style='text-align:right'>مرحبا بالعالم</p>" & _
"<p class=MsoNormal align=left style='text-align:left'>hello world!</p>"

I have tested and it is working fine

sorry but am new to the UiPath

what do you mean by html body ? how to do that ? is it an activity ?

these are screenshots of my project, i wrote all the email text which include variables also inside in one variable

my robot works perfect what is left for me is to make the text be written from the right side

i don’t know how to do the step you talk about would you please specify which activities and how (with details cause am new to UiPath)