Format of multiline data entered into form defaults to format of first line

I have a datatable that I am using to populate a form with multiple rows. One of the columns is ‘hours’. I have edited the column to have one decimal and default to zero. Everything works fine if I enter whole numbers but am having problems with decimals.
If I have 5 lines and I enter a decimal value in the first row, everything works fine. I can enter decimals in all 5 lines and they show up as decimals in the datatable. If I enter a whole number in the first line, all of the remaining lines show up as whole numbers. In the four files attached,
Example 1a shows me entering all decimals into the form and then Example 1b shows the datatable with all correct entries.
Example 2a shows the form with the first line as a whole number but all the rest are decimals. Example 2b shows the data table with all entries as whole numbers.

example 2b
Example 2a
Example 1b
example 1a

The order of the screen prints are opposite of my explanation. I am doing the display of the datatable immediately upon exiting the form designer activity.