Format for aaname

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create a simple program that captures the value of USD to INR. But in the aaname section, the value is blank, so it is not able to capture any results. Later I will add a log box to store the value. PFB the ss of the issue.

Hi @Parag_Shringi
Have you tried with “Text” Attribute?

Just click on open in U Explorer
You will find the Text attribute there you need to check that

Then you can get the values dynamically

I am unable to see these options in UI explorer. Can’t see any options in the “selector editor” window as shown in the above ss.

Have clicked on this

Yes I have clicked on this but no options are visible in the UI explorer window.

Can you share the SS?

Hi @Parag_Shringi,

Please open UiExplorer from studio’s ribbon tab, indicate element you are trying to find and share the screenshot of explorer window.

If aaname is not there, there would be other tags that can help identify the element.


Hi @Parag_Shringi
Can u check for innertext attribute in the uiexplorer ?

Use the Get Text activity to get the value.

Hi @Parag_Shringi
Do you want to try the WF attached?
CurrencyExchange.xaml (7.6 KB)

I guess that’s what you want to achieve.