Format column in Excel - Values are not recognized by the robot

I have issue with recognizing the values in single column, because the values are numbers or text.
Excel by default give this column General format option and the column is looking in this way:


Because when I try to use the Filter Data Table activity to filter this column in this way:

It’s not working. All of the numbers can’t be filtered, only the text is recognized. But I need to have all text values and number values except for this example number “664190”.

How to manage to handle this problem?

Thank you!


In excel you can change that column’s type to “text”. Dont leave it “general”. Also you can build data table before read that excel. Make that column type string in build data table. Put built data table to that “read range” activity output.

Hope these work.

Thanks for the proposal. You help me from where to start thinking.

  • Excel app scope activity
  • Read range activity
  • Build Data Table activity
  • For each row activity
  • for each row from excel I use Add Data Row activity to insert the data into the data table created from Build Data Table activity
  • Outside of the For Each Row activity use Filter Data Table activity to filter this column
  • Write Range activity into new Excel file with my filtered data


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