Format changes when screen scraping to datatatable

I am screen scraping rocket bluezone and putting the information into a datatable using generate datatable activity. The information from the screen scraping is put into a variable and when it goes to the table the amount, 214.08, gets changed to a date, 08/01/0214 00:00 format. How can I keep the format of the amount from changing to a date format? I have attached the output of the variable when I was debugging the issue.

Have you tried cint(strvar)


@mlmyers I guess while generating data table you used data type as date change it to text

@indra I do not see the option to change the data type in the generate datatable activity. Could you explain how to do that?

@AshwinS2 I have not tried cint. How can I try that? would I do it in an assign variable?

Hi @mlmyers

It is like Convert.toImt32(StrVar)

Like wise it is same like CInt(strvar)

Ashwin S

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