Format Cell Activity removed the cell formula

Studio 2022.4.4 - Community Edition

Setting Cell Format with the Format Cell Activity removed formula in the formatted excel cell. Cells that are not formatted through means of this activity DO contain the formulas.

Hello @ton_roelandse Welcome to the uipath community.
I think you are asking about, the cell-containing formula which is losing its formula after changing its Format. I’m right?
From my understanding, it will lose the formula because its properties are changing while you format the cell. So the formula will lose from the changed format cells.

@Goku - right - I would have expected a simple font change in a cell - lets say “Bold” to not have an impact on the formula in that cell.

For some my workaround has been to set the format prior to adding a formula - for others I cannot. Of course I can execute a macro but it seems silly to do so.

Changing a cell color, font size should not alter the underlying cell formula, IMOO that is something that should be corrected within the activity itself, and it feels not right.

Hello @ton_roelandse

In this solution what you can try is read that particular column and write it over there again. It will then save the exact value. Then use the Format cell activity.

Otherwise, if you use Format cell activity on a cell with the formula, it can have some impact on the formula.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan - that is a viable workaround -