Form Variable Names from String Concatenation


I have initialised 4 data tables as arguments which should take in data tables from another sequence.
Even though they are all imported into the sequence, I will only need to use one of them based on content of a datetime variable.
I’m thinking of a way to do this please.
I have an idea to just indicate which of the dt arguments should be used based on a concatenation I want to make to form the argument name. I need help on how to go about this in UiPath.

Does anyone have any ideas asides the use of IF-ELSE activities please?


Can you give us specific examples?


Hi @copia

Could you try to explain better your problem?

I understood… You have 4 DT but you need only one. What is the relation between DTs and the datatime variable?

Hi @copia ,

We should be able to use the Switch Activity as an advantage for your case.

You could provide datetime values as different possible case values in Switch Activity.

Then use the appropriate Datatable variable according to the case.

Let us know if you can provide us samples and help us in understanding the query better.

Hi @copia

Welcome back to community

Can you explain your query little bit more?

And also share the sample input and output file