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i’m creating a long running workflow with UiPath Form Task in Orchestrator. Is there a way to get the assigned user of a task? So after the process gets resumed i would like to know which user submitted the case,

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In the next v1.1.5 of Persistence activity package, userid of assign to user( and some more additional task meta-data) will be available in the Task Object returned by ‘Wait and Resume’ activity itself. For now you can use API call “GetTaskById” to get all the details of the task

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thanks for the info! any date when the next version will be available?

Tentative date of availability of Persistent activity version 1.1.5 is Aug 17, 2020 (Note: It will require latest orchestrator 2020.4). If it is for an existing on-premise customers, the best bet would be to rely on APIs /odata/Tasks({key}) or /odata/Tasks and look for ‘AssignedToUser’

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Correction in the last comment.

These new properties in FormTaskData are populated when the workflow connects to Orchestrator 20.7 or above and remain empty for lower versions.
This clarity has also been added to the release notes of v1.1.5 of Persistence.Activities at

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