Form: select a field and show a name in another field

I’m creating a form with to fields the first it’s a button dropdown that has the especiality and when I selected the especiality, the second field must show the name of medic. But i don’t know how to do de link with the 2 fields

I’d be interested to know as well… I don’t see any filter options in the conditions.

I guess you would need support for events and dynamic data as well, can javascript be used there?

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Hi all,
it seems that File/Folder Path doesn’t work if I pass an argument as IN/OUT or OUT.
Indeed, if I choose a nested Folder, after submit the form, the DO sequence is not execute and the others values are not passed out.

Do you have the same problem?



same problem here. When I choose any file, then DO sequence is not being executed (Studio 2020.4.1 Stable)

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My mistake - I used badly form activity and put my actions in Do container instead of after it. According to the documentation the Do container enables you to perform subsequent actions when the form opens or while the form is running. Therefore after I fixed my workflow everything started to work correctly.

I hope my input will help anyone!