Form Extractor, extracting multiple values of a field and multiple rows are created in datatable

The form extractor is extracting multiple values (3 in this case) for check box field. I am using – datasetVariable.Tables(0) > Merge Datatable – to add the value in datatable. The output has 3 rows. I am using achors to identify the exact position, but still it is extracting 3 values. I need only the top row of the output from dataset. Can you please provide any solution?

I want the value of the 97% confidence, but in output I am getting all the 3 values


From the table get the requirrd key value using



Hi @Matt_Davis ,

Could you try by using the below Expression :


The above expression takes the First row in the datatable and converts only that row to Datatable.

Let us know if it is not the expected output.

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