Form Extractor EndPoints and URL Relation Dependency on Environment

When using Form Extractor End Point, what happens to the processed data?

Issue Description: When using the Endpoint for invoices enterprise ( and generating an API key for Document Understanding on UiPath platform account, does any data from the invoices get pushed to the cloud? Confirm whether all data that is being processed is on staying on prem with the way we have it setup.
Example : As Orchestrator is setup On Prem, the user does not want anything being pushed to the UiPath Cloud.


  • If Endpoints are used then invoice data will be sent to the URL(which are Endpoints for ML models) for processing and sending the results back, but data will not get stored.
  • In On Prem AI Fabric, Document Understanding Machine learning package can be trained on your specific documents and can be used in workflow after creating ML skills.This way data will not be sent to any URL, rather it will use ML models hosted in AI-Fabric On Prem(ie with in your environment) to do the predictions.