Form documentation is still severely lacking

For example, I want to have a button click happen when a field value changes, so I can trigger the Do block. Some of the documentation mentions events, but I don’t see anywhere where there is a list of events.

How do I detect a field change? With no autocomplete when I type an object key, I have no idea what to put in the Event Name field.

Maybe Javascript would be better, so I can trigger based on one of multiple fields changing. But again, what do I put here?

What Javascript in the trigger would mean when “fieldA, fieldB, or fieldC change, click me”?

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If I understand this correctly. Let’s assume the form has a dropdown with values A,B,C and if A is selected you want to execute a certain part of the process, if B is selected then another part.

This is easier to implement in the latest 2023 forms are you using the same or previous version?

We can find a solution respectively.

I use the old version because the new version has too many bugs that make it, frankly, useless.

What I’m really looking for is an understanding of how events work.