Form Designer not opening!

Hi All,

I am unable to open the form designer in UiPath, i have installed all the packages required for that

@supermanPunch @Anil_G

As indicated use the Manage Packages and add the mentioned Package to the project dependencies

@ppr already have installed snapshot also attached

we cannot see from screenshot and would expect:

ok great and form.activities are different?

There were some evolutions in the past. We assume that with package the editor is offered and the topic can be closed

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But i am unable to use the activity???

have you configured the dependencies as mentioned?


So it will offer the form designer


required dependencies are missing…please install them…

as mentioned above


cant find them
@ppr @Anil_G

Ensure the feeds are activated:

The machine is not blocked by firewalls, when accessing the feeds

Check the Filters and remove unneeded filters



please remove all the filters and check if you can find it


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