Form Designer freeze issue

Dear all,

I am currently using the Enterprise Trial v2020.10.6 Studio (or Studio pro - makes no different).

I have created a new process project. Added UIPath.Form.Activities v1.1.11 (or v1.1.10).

When I click on open form designer, I can see a black window. If I minimize the window and open it back, I can see the form. Drag and drop, won’t see anything unless I repeat minimize/open again.

I don’t see any errors on the output or error window.

Any idea what cause this issue?

Thank you.

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Typo, I mean blank window.

Hey @ericchuawc ,
Kindly check the thread below. May be you find some information in this.

@nashrahkhan I didn’t get that group policy error as described in that post. All I can see is blank screen and kind of “freeze” (super slow).

Currently my Windows Defender is on. I turned off Windows Defender made no difference.

Any help? No one faced this like me?

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I formatted my Windows laptop, still same issue. No antivirus, disable Windows Defender.

But funny is when I downloaded a Windows 10 Enterprise trial from Microsoft website and installed on VMWare workstation. Though is so slow (as I only allocate 4GB of RAM on this VM), the form designer works fine inside this Windows 10 virtual machine and there’s no freeze or blank issue. But my main Windows 10 on my laptop (host), still has this problem.

How’s that possible? Any idea? Thanks.

It seems the laptop needs to have AMD or Nvidia graphic card (currently onboard) in order for the form designer to work. I have tested on another laptop with graphic card. It works fine.

Hey @ericchuawc ,
The same problem happened to me. With version 20.4.1 of Studio it didn’t work but with version 19.10.4 it already works without freezing.

I’m on version and it’s freezing up on me and will not drag/drop elements onto the designer. But, others at my company have the same version and have no problems at all. I think it might be the graphics card/driver, not a versioning issue. Any suggestions from others?

My graphic is Intel. I have the same issue.