Form data refresh

Is there a way I can refresh the data in UiPath forms without having to exit the forms?
Lets say I have a text field called “Name” and it is populated with data when the form is rendered.
However if the user changes the value in the field then the form have to display the other fields with data corresponding to the new value in the “Name” field.

Hi @prashanth625,

Open UiPath Form Designer, for each components in the added to the from there will be a Edit JSON button floating when you hover over them. Click on that button to open Text Field Component which looks like the below image.

Under Component JSON space there will be a piece of code containing the inner properties for the component in the form. Edit that to achieve your requirement. In the below link you will have examples to build conditions to change form based on field input.

For more details to learn about forms visit the link below:

Hi Rahgu,
Thank you for your reply.
Can you please let me know the exact fields in the edit json component that can be used to refresh data.
Also I need to invoke a work flow when there is a change in the field value, without exiting the form.Are you aware of such use case?