Form Activity Problem - Dismissed, FormFieldsOutput, and SelectedButton not set

Studio v 2019.10.3, UiPath.Form.Activities 1.1.1

I have created a basic form and have added a “Cancel” button in addition to the default “Submit” button. After I complete data entry, no matter which button I click (even if I close using the windows form close button), the “Dismissed” variable value is always true, the SelectedButton variable is always blank and the FormFieldsDataOutput variable is always blank. Are there any conditions on form structure that would prevent these variable from being set? Thanks.

Hi, I have the same behaivor. Any Solution?

John, Nope. Crickets. I guess you and I are the only ones… :slight_smile:

Ufff Very nice functionality…We just need it works…

SOLVED: Upgrade the package UiPath.Form.Activities to 1.1.2.