Form activities: current limitations allow no way to connect regular form validations to bulk for validations

Hi team,

There’s a current documentation requirement needed in UiPath docs, on the connection of bulk form activities and form activities. Logically, there should be a way to build a relationship between the both forms, but there’s no documentation describing how.

Current Limitations

Currently, a designer has the ability to add fields in both bulk and regular forms as “required” and have the submit or save button disabled on form invalid.

When fields are added as “required” the submit button is disabled until the required fields are all validated. This is true at an individual form level.

However, when you enable bulk form designer, in action center- you can bulk validate a batch of actions without actually validating the “required” fields in the regular forms.

This is an oversight in lack of documentation guidance since there is a conditional and logic field in the submit button, but there’s no documentation guiding how to.


  • Since more automations are inclined to use form task because of the bulk edit feature, I would kindly request the team to enable useful documentation to work with conditional and logic fields. this would enable the designer to build a relationship between regular forms and bulk forms.