Forgot Tenant Info

Hi, I have some problems. I’d configure my UiPath robot a couple months early practicing with the UiPath orchestrator course. Creating a new tenant in the UIPath Demo platform.

Now, several months later, I need the orchestrator BUT I don’t remember my Tenant Name, User and password. I’ve create a new tenant (all this with the Uipath demo platform) but when I connect With the Uipath Robot it doesn’t let me connect, it appears “A taks was cancelled” and that’s it.

I don’t know if there is a way to know my old tenant name user and password, some kind of “forgot my tenant” button or something.

Thanks for everything :slight_smile:

Hey @KevinDS,

You can recover your password but for that you must atleast remeber your email address you used to login!

The latter issue you stated, is a common issue when the UiPath server is overloaded. If you have time try after a while, it should be resolved on its own and you can easily connect your robot!

Otherwise checkout this link :slight_smile: