Forgetting Keyboard Shortcuts

My Pause/Resume shortcut was set to F3 but after a short time it stopped working using Firefox. So I changed to F4 with same result. I need to clear and enter the shortcut key again and then it will be active for a short while. Then again clear and reenter. Do not know how to make the Keyboard shortcut permanent. Any advice?

Hello @raven

If you set it in studio, it will be permanent until you change it again. Are you facing this issue only with firefox??

Sorry but I do not know how to set it in studio. I can only see it in Assistant.

I suspect that Firefox is resetting the shortcut because Firefox is my most used browser.

You mean the shortcuts for the recordings set in the studio?? Or something else?

Tried reinstalling the firefox extension?


UiPath Assistant

Hi @raven

Does this maybe happen after a Studio and Assistant automatic update?

Is there any other event you can think of that clears it for you? Maybe an Assistant restart or a computer restart?

No it does not seem to be related to automatic update. Also not restart as far as I can tell. It just suddenly stops working and then I have to delete the shortcut and re-enter it again.