ForeachUI Element

Hi , Iam trying to use ForEachUI Element but the selector is automatically selected as strict based on Unified framework of modern experience but I need to change the selector as Comuter Vision How can I do that?


From the options in for each ui element you can select CV



Hi @Theophilus_Timothy_Ruben

After indicating the elements by For each Ui element activity come back to studio and open the properties for that activity.

There is a option called Target expand it → Find the Targeting Methods Option → Check the Computer vision and uncheck the other options.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Anil_G @mkankatala , How do I set up CV after that . Could you help me with a complete example?

Do you want to do CV automation or anything…?

Could you be more specific… @Theophilus_Timothy_Ruben

I want to extract UI Elements with CV

I cant seem to use CV here .it says error


When you click on indiate you can click on cv icon on top right and then select cv check box


HI @Anil_G , Can you share a screenshot on how to select the CV on top right?


this red box


Hi @Anil_G , Could you share the selector box along with the foreachui element block as screenshot?I could not change the selector .Could you confirm your studio version as well?


I did not get you…what will do with selector box and all?

I am on community 23.12…but this shouls support from almost 23.4

Please tell what is your problem…

Did you indicate are you not seeing cv selector once you indicate
Can you show a screenshot


Hi @Anil_G there is no way for me to change the selector since it is a unified framework it selects the best selector and i cant seem to change it


Got you

what youc an do is use object repository and create an element there with anyway you want and drag it on to for each ui element

but one quick question here normally for each ui element works on getting the normal selector and then finding similar ones…but if you use CV already it is a generated selector and not the actual one…I dont think it might come up with a pattern…you can try though

Can you please tell your requirement instead of solving only through cv…may be we can give you a better way too