ForEach Segment RowSets

Hi @ppr

I’m trying to use your code, for a datatable on a excel file.

But, i get this error : Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.

I mean when it’s small numbers, for like “19/250”, i get the error, when it’s bigger it works fine, for like “700/250”.

Can you help on this please.

Note that the input value can be random, from 1 to 10000000… but the the file shouldn’t have more than 250 rows.


@maroua301 - You can first read the dt.rows.count to check if it is less than 250…

If its < 250 you don’t need a split
Else you use split code…


Thanks, for the idea. But something ain’t right, when i do “19/2”, i get the same error again ?

we assume that you are meaning:
19 - Rows Count, 250 Segment Size

it is working withour error:

Maybe you can share some more details on your implementation. Especially on the part where the Random is used. Thanks


Thanks to you @ppr, I noticed I was giving the “250” to NoOfSegments instead of SegmentSize, my mistake :smiley:

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