ForEach record does not wait for flow to finish before moving onto next record


What I am trying to accomplish:
I am connecting to Salesforce, running SOQL to pull back some records, for each record that I get back from the query I want to run a set of functions per record. I tried running it this morning and found that while it does go through the process I built, it does not wait until the entire process is complete before it tries to start the same functions on the next record. Any advice on correcting this? Here is how I have setup my workflow:

Anything glaring you may be able to provide insight on for me?

I think I know what’s going on… I can’t get my head wrapped around how to push variables from one sequence to the next so what I’ve been doing is invoking the workflow files and in each of those I have invoked other workflows that have the arguments mapped… Anyone that can help me map my variables correctly?

hi @zpham,

So all the above invoke workflows are inside the for each loop. You have data in LoanRecordResults and you are iterating Data and Processing one by one .

you will have to look for a SuccessIndicator Here Meaning
How do you know - if the transaction is complete. Lets Say - For the 1st record in LoanRecordResults - After all the processing is Done , We have to look for an Indicator - This may be a element Exist / Boolen variable that has to retrun from iside the for each loop - indicating the 1st record transaction is completed.

The Bot has to be coded like - If the Indicator is False - Do not Process the Nest Item from LoanRecordResults.


Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you @Mukeshkala!