ForEach Activity with Write Cell


I have a sequence that uses a For Each Activity to do a screen scrape to obtain information from a specific url and then uses a Write Cell (workbook) in “F1”. Is there a way to use this method so that the next information that is scraped from a specific URL is written in “F2” the next time it runs through the For Each activity? Sequence below.

The For Each Row activity has an Index parameter that gives you the zero-based index of the current row item in the table. Assign a variable here and then you can reference that in your Write Cell activity. It’s zero-based so you’ll need to add 1 to it since Excel is 1-based.

Then your cell looks like "F"+(index+1).ToString instead of "F1"


Hi! That solution worked! I am trying to expand this to include another for Each Activity but when I add another one to the sequence it gives me the error "Option Strict On disallows implicit conversation between System.Data.DataTable to System.Collections.IEnumerable.

Please advise :slight_smile:

What are you trying to iterate through with the second For Each?

I am going to use another screen scrape to obtain another piece of information from a specific URL. I want to put this information into G1, G2, etc but the For Each has the validation that reads “Option Strict On Disallows…”

Wow i had no idea this feature was in here, must be something new? No longer need to create and increment a separate counter!


MY MISTAKE. I was using For Each not For Each Row


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