Forced upgrade to Beta causing errors with check activity

Instead of having stable community edition I am now being forced to have Beta versions, which are unstable and with errors. So instead of making RPA I am spending time solving errors in old RPA due to the Beta version.

The UiPath.Core.Activities.Check is causing an error after upgrading to Beta. Please correct the error. I spent two hours finding the error and trying to find a solution but found no solution.

Hi Raven,
May I know the error which you are facing?

Your input has a null value and check whether it has a value or not.

I think your issue is same as above
Use modern check activity

I will try with modern when I get the opportunity, but does this mean that classic activities will provide errors one by one with each update of Studio?

I always got the similar experence for the enforce beta upgrade. Actually, the aims on using RPA is saving our time. But we used up lot of my time on debugging my old script due with enforce upgrade. for this case, “Check” is a very common activity, Howcome UiPath can disable without any acknowledgement to developer? Due to the grow of the RPA script, the “enfore beta upgrade” is ready a blue sit idea to developer.

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