Force mv closure to launch robot

I got a bit problem in UiPath Orchestrator with my robot and the VM.

  1. I have my VM open where the robot has to start. When I start the robot, it execute without closing my session. I have “login to console” disabled and also try enabled but false. Non of this worked. I want my robot to close my actual open vm session.

  2. When I close the VM session. The robot appears deactivated and no license assigned. Don’t know why this happens. I want my robot available when I close session.

This is it :frowning: it’s a little bit frustrating.

Hey @KevinDS

First point to highlight is to enable the Login to console option as True will make the robot to close existing session to start performing the automation.

Secondly, the bot should be installed in service mode which will ensure the bot remains connected from a VM even if that is not open.

I hope you also made sure that you don’t shutdown or disconnect VM but instead you just sign-out your user.


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