Force Log off

Is it possible to click with the robot the ‘force log off’ when you get a message like this:


When developing the studio is also in the background, so I can not access the activity to select the ‘force log off’ button.

Any ideas?


We can’t click ‘Force logoff’ button using UIpath. At this screen comes, we can’t do anything.

Hi @selrac,

As above mentioned you cannot perform the windows based operations using uipath.

It’s better to close the applications using kill process activity.

This windows appears when closing the citrix connection. If we kill the application it causes an error when trying to make another connection again.

To avoid the window I need to close all the applications open within Citrix, but it is rather complex in the Citrix environment.

I was trying the fast lane, but I see that I will need to take my time with this one :frowning:

Hi @selrac,

Yes if it’s take time also you have to close all the applications if you want to logoff from citrix.

As when the above screen comes it comes in foreground and you can’t select anything using uipath.

Hello @selrac,
You don’t need a robot to do this. You can change your default profile settings in the registry. Just search for “AutoEndTask” registry key :wink: