Force download to change from HTML to XLXS

I have an automation that downloads a file and moves it to blob storage, but the file is automatically downloaded in HTML. Any suggestions on changing it to xlxs before moving it into blob storage?


While saving did you try changing the extension to html and save?


I might be confused here. The automation clicks a download button, and the download automatically saves it as a HTML file, but I need it to be an XLXS file instead.

Go to the browser download settings and enable ask where to download and then if restart the browser and click on download now the pop up will appear there you can give the extension and save them

Try this way @Primal


What @Sudharsan_Ka told is what you need to follow.Then it would prompt for file details then you can edit

else try using http request activity…from the download button if you are able to get the url using get attribute then use http request and in request url give the extracted url and in file for response field give the required location with filename and extension


I might just be going at this wrong. Any advice here @Anil_G? I tried the other solutions and they just are not working. So, I am trying this. When I save the excel file, would it be saving in the same location as the previous download? When I upload to Blob it’s still not in the proper format.


May I know manually how do you save it as excel?


I am downloading a file from a website, that website has a specific path to download in and I set that download from “wait to download” as a variable. I am trying to take that variable (the recently downloaded xsl file) and convert it in excel to a xlsx file, resave it and use it as a variable to upload to blob storage. I have tried manually changing the file type from the download source and it doesn’t work. The excel file saves in a random folder I haven’t assigned, and not exactly sure how to change that either. Manually I am not really doing anything with the excel file.


Say bot is not downloading it and when you download or as per the process that is already there how you download that excel properly?

Is there a way at all?


The original downloaded file, I am trying to open in excel and re-save it as xlsx file, then use the new excel sheet to upload into blob storage, but I can’t figure out how to change the upload to blob to the new excel download, instead of the original downloaded xls file from the website. Here is a screenshot that might help for a visual.


Is it because youa re trying to use ilocalresource in blob ?

if so path exists will take the path and will give the output as Ilocalresource.Can you try that


That is the root of the problem here, and is what you must solve. And it doesn’t have anything to do with UiPath.

It makes no sense, honestly, that the download location would be random. It can’t be. The web site cannot choose where the download goes. Only browser settings can do that. Check your browser settings.

From the site I know exactly where the download goes, but when I have it opened in excel, and re-save it, I also know where it goes now. My problem, is how do I make the newly saved excel file a variable to use for uploading into the blob?

Why are you opening it and re-saving it?

Anyway, if you’ve opened it and re-saved it to a different folder you must have the location and filename in variables already. Otherwise, how would you have entered the path and filename for the re-save?

This is the error it throws now

I am downloading a file from online, then opening it in excel and saving it as an xlsx. The original file doesn’t get downloaded in that format, and when I tried to change the download setting to ask how to save it, it wouldn’t save in that format. So, I started down this path.

You should put the path and filename of the “save as” into a variable and use that in both your Save Excel File As and Upload Blob from File activities.

What format is it downloaded in?

I have to step away, but probably the better way to handle it is to read the downloaded file into a datatable, and then using Write Range, write to the Excel file you want. Have the path and filename for this Use Excel/Write Range in a variable, and then you can just use that same variable in your upload blob activity.

It downloads in xls, but our blob storage doesn’t like that, so I need it converted to xlxs. So, this would be my follow up question, and I am sure it’s just me not knowing at this point. In the section “Save as file” in “Save excel File As” when I turn that into a variable, it then says the path is null in an error…How can I not only make it a variable, but also give it the path as well? I may just be confused and don’t understand at this point.